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2017 DMG Mori NLX2500SY/700 with LNS Six S2 Barfeed and Royal Rota Rack

Make: DMG Mori
Model: NLX2500SY/700
Year: 2017


Max Turning Diameter: 14.40"
Max Turning Length: 27.7"
Max Swing Diameter: 36.22"
Swing over cross slide: 29.2"
Max Bar Capacity Diameter: 4.01"
Chuck Size: 10"
Max spindle motor speed: 4,000 rpm
Spindle Nose: A2-8
X Axis: 10.2"
Y Axis. 1.9"
Z Axis: 31.2"
Turret Capacity: 20


LNS Bar Feeder
Royal Rota Rack
4 Collets
4 spindle liners
4 Bar Feed Liners

Tool Holders:

Live: 2-Sided, 10k RPM, qty 2
OD Turn/Face: 2-Sided, qty 2
OD Turn/Face/Groove: Single-sided, qty 6
ID: 2-Sided/2-Position, qty 2
ID: 2-Sided/2-position front & 1-Position rear, qty 1
ID: Single-Sided/1-Position, qty 3

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