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2017 KSI TCM20S CNC Lathe

Make: KSI 
Model: TCM 20S 
Year: 2017 


Main Spindle Bore Diameter: 1.181"
Main Spindle Power: 5 HP
Max Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Positioning C Axis: .001 Degrees
Sub Spindle Bore Diameter: 0.787"
Sub Max Sub Speed: 8,000 RPM
Sub Spindle Positioning C Axis: .001 Degrees
Sub Spindle Horsepower: 3HP
Maximum Turning diameter: 0.787"
Z1-Axis Stroke: 11.81"
Z2-Axis Stroke: 11.81"
X1-Axis Stroke: 2.44"
Y-Axis Stroke: 15.41"
X2-Axis Stroke: 15.94"
Number of tool stations: 27 Total
Main side: 18 Total
Ballscrew Diameter: 0.98"


Fanuc Oi-TF Control
Smart Rigid tapping
Thread Cutting, Chip Conveyor
Tri-Mist, Bar Feeder

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