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3000 Watt HSG Preco HS-G3015E/60T Fiber Laser, Demo Machine, 2018- 5' x 10', Tube Cutting Attachment, Installation/Training Included

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Machine Type:
Fiber Laser - Fab
Waist tube: .78" - 8.62"
Working area (Length*width) (Two tables): 10' * 5'
Max Thickness (MS): 13/16"
Max Thickness (SS): 3/8"
Max Thickness (Alum): 3/8"
X axis travel: 60"
Y axis travel: 119"
Z axis travel: 10"
X/Y axis positioning accuracy: .0019"
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy: .0019"
Maximum speed: 459'/min
Maximum acceleration: 1.2G
Max loading weight in table: 1763lbs.
Machine dimension (length * width * height): 31'×13'×8'
Machine weight: 36,376lbs. (Gross weight)
High Precision rack and Pinion: Alpha/GUDEL
Speed Reducer(Incl. gear): Alpha
High Speed Servo Motor and Driver: SANYO DENKI
Precision linear guide (machine tool): HIWIN/PMI
Precision Ball Screw (Z-Axis): HIWIN/TBI
Rack & Pinion and Sanyo/Panasonic servo motor
CNC control system: FScut
Controller: Cypcut with wireless control box.
Electrical control Schneider
Gas circuit control Parker
3KW IPG YLS built in the US
WSX auto focus laser head
Fully Enclosed
Machine power supply: AC380V, 60HZ, tri-phase.
Includes water chiller
Exhaust blower.
English machine software

GE-60T Series Tube Cutter Configuration
Round tube: .78"- 8.62"
Square Tube: .78"*.78" - 5.9"*5.9"
Rectangular tube Each side: .78"-5.9"
Elliptical tube: .78"- 8.6"
Hexagonal tube: .78"*.78"-5.9"*5.9"
Single tube support weight: 220lbs.
X/Y axis positioning precision: .0019"
X/Y axis repeatability precision: .0019"
Max. Running speed: 2.36"/min
Max. Acce.: 0.5G

Bean on Hours:7 hrs 33 min
Controller: 830 total hours

*Includes Start up Guarantee and Installation/Training from the OEM Factory.

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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