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Pacific 400 Ton x 14ft Press Brake - Complete rebuild by Pacific in 2017!

This press brake was a complete rebuild by Pacific in 2017. Exact Details of the Rebuild can be provided by Pacific. 

Maximum Capacity, Tons

Forming: 400

Punching: 266

Ram and Bed Length: Feet 14’

Distance Between Housings: Feet/Inch 12’5”

Platen Width: Inch 10”

1Platen Height Above Floor: Inch 32”

Throat Depth: Inch 10”

Throat Height: Inch 15”

Stroke, Maximum (Fully Variable): Inch 12”

Open Height, Maximum (Fully Variable): Inch 20”

Closed Height, Minimum (Fully Variable): Inch 8”

Ram Speeds (Inches Per Minute)

Rapid Advance (approach): 146

Normal Press: 26

Anti-Whip: 13

Fast Return: 146

Motor Horsepower: 30

Machine voltage can be ordered in one of the following configurations:  230/3/60, 460/3/60, 208/3/60, 575/3/60, and 380/3/50 (50 hertz systems will operate at 80% of advertised speeds). Voltage must be specified on purchase order.

Approximate Dimensions: Inch (Excluding Options)

Overall Height Above Floor: 117”

Width (Front to Back): 65”

Bed Projection Below Floor: 33”

Weight, lbs. (Approximate, Excluding Options): 45,000

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