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Peddinghaus PW 1250 Peddiwriter CNC Plasma, 2018

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Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
PW 1250
Electrics: 3PH, 460V
HZ: 60
kVA: 22.60
SCCR: 50 kA
Full Load Current: 28.4A
Largest Motor FLA: 11A

Max Material Size 48"x24" ;300 lbs/ft
Minimum length: 10 ft.
Maximum Profile Weight: 43,800 lbs
Profile Dimensions:
(Beam, Angle) 3". X 3".Max
(Tube, Channel) 2" x 2"Max
(Flat) 2" x 3/4"

Weight: 14,090 lbs

Equipped With:
Siemens Control/Raptor Sorftware,
Online Troubleshooting Capability Through Peddinghaus,
Direct File Import,
2 Hypertherm ArcWriter Torches,
Low Hours

Shapes Processed: Beams, Channel, Square/Rectangular Tubing, Angle, Flat Stock

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