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Used Angle Bending Rolls For Sale

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Please view the regularly updated inventory of used Angle Bending Roll machines below. Inventory includes a variety of brands, sizes, and capacities. Below is our up to date selection of used Angle Bending Roll machines. Our brands include but are not limited to: Davi, B&K, Bertsch and much more. If you don’t find the machines you are looking for, please contact us!

Roll forming is a fabrication  process where metal is passed through a pair of rolls to flatten and/or thin out the material.   It can either be hot rolling (metal is rolled at temperatures above the recrystallization temperature, which is anything done with heat) or cold rolling (metal is rolled at temperatures below recrystallization temperature, which is at room temperature or near room temperature).   The rolling machines that cold roll, do not expend any energy to heat the material. The whole process is done at room temperature and this saves energy. There are various types of rolling process including controlled rolling, roll forming, profile rolling, roll bending and ring rolling.  A basic roll forming machine has four major parts to it. The first is the entry section where the workpiece is placed. The second is the station rollers, where the material is bent by moving through them. Next, the cut off press, where the material is cut to the specified length. The last part of the machine is the exit station, where the final piece exits the process and is moved.

Bender Roll machines form metal into cone, curved, or cylinder shapes.  They are also called roller machines or rounders. There are CNC roll benders, manual roll benders and hydraulic roll benders.  The bender rolls work by rotating the workpiece while bending to form the desired shape. There are 2-Roll, 3-Roll and 4-roll bending machines.  The 2-Roll bending machines are best used for smaller materials as well as thin materials. They are also good for high volume shops that need materials formed as fast and as uniform as possible.  The 3-Roll bending machines are very similar to the 4-Roll machine except they typically do not come with a CNC control. The 3-Roll can bend thin materials as well as some materials that are around four inches thick. 

Most machinists agree that the 3-Roll machine is an older technology and prefer a 4-Roll.  A 4-Roll machine is the most sought-after bender rolling machine due to its advanced controls and accuracy.  They can handle thicker materials but also handle them in a shorter amount of time compared to the 3-Roll. This is due to the machines having the capability to have CNC controls built into them.  Using CNC controls with a 4-Roll bending machine will improve the productivity in your shop.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about Bender Roll machines or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used Bender Roll machines, do so here.