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Emco Hyperturn 65 Multi Axis CNC Lathe, 2017 - Parts Catcher, Bar Feeder, Probe, Tool Presetter


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Machine Type:
Multi Axis Lathe - CNC
Hyperturn 65
Swing Over Bed: 19.68"
Distance between spindle noses for counter spindle version: 51.18"
Max Turning Diameter: 19.68"
Max Turning Length: 40.94"
Max Work piece size for counter spindle: 7.87" x 7.87"
Max Bar Work Diameter: 2.55"

Travel in X1/X2: 15.94" / 10.23"
Travel in Z1/Z2: 41.33" / 41.33"
Travel in Y1/Y2: 8.66" / 3.93"
Travel Z3 (counter spindle): 40.55"

Main Spindle Nose: A2-6
Main Spindle bearing inner diameter: 4.13"
Main Spindle Bore Diameter: 2.87"
Main Spindle through-hole: 2.55"
Max Chuck Size: 10"

Counter Spindle:
Spindle Nose: A2-6
Spindle bearing inner diameter: 4.13"
Spindle bore diameter: 2.87"
Max Rapid Motion Speed Z3: 1181.1"/min
Solid Clamping Cylinder w/ draw-tube f. chuck work: 7.87"
Max Chuck Size: 9.84"

Main Spindle Drive:
Max Power: 28/38 HP
Speed Range: 0-5,000 RPM

Counter Spindle Drive:
Max Power: 28/38
Speed Range: 0-5,000 RPM

Resolution: 0.001°
Rapid Speed: 1,000 RPM

Tool system 1 (milling spindle with tool magazine):
B Axis Swivel Range- stepless (resolution 0,001°): 220°
B-axis positioning accuracy of clamping (res. 0,001°): +/-9°
Milling Spindle Max Power: 38 HP / 29 HP
Milling Spindle - speed range: 0-12,000 RPM
Milling spindle – clamping increments for turning op.: 0.001°
Tool Storage Capacity: 20
Type of Tool shank: HSK-T63

Tool system 2 (radial style tool turret with bi-directional logic):
Quick-change tool shank VDI 30 acc. DIN 69880: 12
Number of driven tool stations: 12
Turret indexing Time: 0.7 sec
Speed Range: 0-5,000 RPM

Machine Weight: 25,000 LBS
Machine Floor space: 118.11" x 159.45" x 108.27"

Equipped With:

Siemens 840D Solution Line Control
USB Port
C- Axis for main- and counter spindle
Rigid Tapping
Part Ejector and coolant through the counter spindle
Chip Conveyor
Cooling system for spindle motors, Tun/Mill spindle and B-Axis torque motor
Machine Lamp
Emco LM1200 Bar Loader
Electronic Handwheel - 840D-sl
Emco Tool Load Monitoring
Gear Hobbing
5-Axes Simultaneous Machining
Measuring Probe for Work-Pieces
Parts catcher and conveyor
Automatic Tool Presetter
Visiport HT65
High Pressure coolant pump
Coolant Pistol
Oil Mist separator
Renishaw Tool Detection & Setting
Kinematic Tool Setting & Ball Setter Gauge
Foot Pedal
3D-Machine Modell Data

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