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Wenzel WGT 280 Gear Measuring Machine, 2017 - Tailstock, Probe Changer, Rotary Table

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Machine Type:
CNC - Other
WGT 280
Workpiece diameter: 0.19" - 11.02"
Internal diameter: >0.47"
Measurable face width: 19.68"
Distance between centers: 1.96" - 19.68"
Module range: 0.5(0.3)-15
Helix angle: <90º
Number of axes: 4
Gear Measuring Accuracy-CLASSI according to VDI/VDE2612/13
Temperature conditions 20ºC+5ºC/-3ºC,1ºC/hour,1ºC/m
Overall dimensions- L1350mm, B1015mm, H2050mm
Machine weight: 3600 LBS
11.81" diameter rotary table
Fully integrated precision, continuous rotary table to provide full 4th axis. Top mounted
MaximumLoad: 396 LBS
Evaluation unit CNC for all 4axis Gear machines
Control System for 4-axis gear measuring/testing machines
Wenzel Gear Tec GECO CNC Controller
A newly developed CNC controller in actuator and sensor technology especially for gear measuring machines.
Reliable ,safe, state-of-the-art electronics.
Integration of Renishaw probing
Integration of continuous rotary tables to provide a full 4-axis gear measuring/testing
Jog box for Gear Tech Machines
For manual positioning and measurements
PC System for Gear applications
PC with DVD-RAM drive, graphics card, Windows7, network card, laser printer, support, keyboard and mouse
Accessory package for WGT280/400/600
Drive dogs, holders and align rods for WGT400/600 for clamping gears between centers

Equipped With:
Tailstock for WGT280
Probe changer - 4 position for WGT280/400
Quick-action 6- jaw chuck-size 200
Quick-action 6-jaw chuck-size 12
Extended Probe kit for SP60
TShaftSoftware(Shaft geometry)

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