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Used Cold Saws For Sale

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Please view the regularly updated inventory of used cold saw machines below. Inventory includes a variety of brands, lengths, and capacities. Below is our up to date selection of used cold saw machines. Our brands include but are not limited to: Kalamazoo, Felder, HEM, Marvel, Scotchman and more. If you don’t find the cold saw you are looking for, please contact us!

Saw machines are used throughout the fabrication industry.  There are several types that we may have in our inventory, horizontal bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, cold saws, and cut-off saws.  Saw machines can cut into various materials including metals, wood and stone. Below are some detailed descriptions of the types of saws you will see in our inventory.

Cold saw machines are circular saws that have a toothed blade to transfer the heat it generates to keep the material and blade cool.  These saws are designed to cut metal without heating the material up. They achieve this by running a flood coolant system that keeps the blade teeth lubricated and cool.  Cold saws use either a Tungsten carbide-tipped circular saw blade or an HSS (high speed steel) circular saw blade. These machines have a gear reduction unit and electric motor that can reduce the blade’s speed while maintaining consistent torque during the cutting process. Some advantages include, no dust, more accurate/straight cuts, minimal burr production, and less sparks.

A cold saw machine is capable of cutting most non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.  The HSS blade (high speed steel blade) or tungsten carbide-tipped blade can be re-sharpened.  This prolongs the use of the blade before it gets completely filed down and no longer useable.  The saw typically run at RPMs from the 20’s to mid-80’s. Now, that is a low RPM but they still cut faster than other similar saws, such as a chop saw.

Why choose a cold saw over a bandsaw?  Most of that question is answered based off of the material that must be cut.  If cutting a very thick/hard or large material, you will need a bandsaw. If material thickness and size are not a factor in deciding, then here are some reasons why machinists would choose a cold saw.

  •  Blade can be re-sharpened-A cold saw’s blade can be re-sharpened to prolong its use.  A bandsaw’s blade must be completely replaced once it gets filed down. (You can re-sharpen the blades around 30 times before it must be replaced!)
  • Changing the blade is much faster on a cold saw
  • Cleaner cuts and finishes-Turns at a low RPM which prevents sparks and burrs.  This also prevents the material from heating up.
  • Best for cutting pipe, cutting tube or smaller material.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about cold saw machines or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used cold saw machinery, do so here!