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Used EDM Machines For Sale

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An EDM machine is an electrical discharge machine. These machines have an electrical current that passes between an electrode and a workpiece that is separated by a dielectric fluid. That fluid acts as an electrical insulator when it becomes an electrical conductor. The sparks that discharge will erode the material to form the desired shape. Electrical machining is also known as spark eroding, spark machining, wire burning, wire erosion or die sinking.

There are three types of EDM machines that are made.  A die sinker or “Ram” EDM, Hole Drilling or “Hole Popper” EDM and Wire or “Cheese Cutter” EDM. 

Die Sinker- These are used to create more complex cavity shapers in tool and die applications.  This includes metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds.

Hole Drilling EDM-These are used to create precise and accurate holes in more complex materials or hardened materials. It is mainly used when the part requires cooler holes, vent holes or starter holes.

Wire EDM- These have a wire pass through the workpiece which makes a two-dimensional cut in a three-dimensional piece.  It produces a fresh discharge path in the cutting process.

Any material that is used with an EDM must be electrically conductive.  It is primarily a thermal process and has the potential to alter the material being shaped due to the heat affected zones (HAZ), although EDM’s have a minimal zone.  An advantage to using an EDM is that it can cut hardened materials while still providing high quality surface finishes without the need for treatment. One downside to EDM machines is that they may be slower but to make up for that, they are much more precise, dependable and less costly.

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