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CNC Milling Machines For Sale

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What is milling? The process of milling uses a rotary cutter to remove the material in place. There are two main classes of the mill process. There is peripheral milling and face milling. Peripheral milling is when the cutting is done along the circumference of the actual cutter. It is primarily used when cutting deep slots and gear teeth. Face milling is when the cutting is primarily at the corners of the milling cutter. It is primarily used to cut flat surfaces into the material.

Milling machines are used for cutting, contouring, reaming, threading, planning, drilling, turning, grinding and diesinking.  They can cut into various materials but are mainly used for cutting metal. A great example what mills help create are car engine blocks!

We carry a variety of CNC milling machines, they include boring mills, gantry/bridge mills and CNC Manual Knee mills.  Below are descriptions of the types of mills we may have in stock.

Boring mills:  These machines are used to bore holes into the material being processed.  There are vertical and horizontal boring mills. The horizontal boring mills have the material lay on the table while the boring bar rotates around a horizontal axis.  (Similar to Horizontal Machining Centers) The vertical boring mills have the material rotate around a vertical axis.  The boring tool does not turn while performing the cut.  There are also horizontal boring mills that has its spindle work parallel to the ground.  Boring mills are used for smoothing or roughening out the inside of a cut hole.

Gantry/Bridge Mills:  These machines are made for mass production and are very large.  They have a rail system that the gantry is fixed on and each axis is motorized so that it can simultaneously coordinate the movements to cut the material.  Gantry/Bridge Mill machines hover over the material and are able to cut very large pieces of metal. They can machine from five sides of the workpiece as well.

CNC Manual Knee Mills:  These mills are used for R&D and prototype work due to their affordability and versatility.  It is a type of vertical milling machine that has the head move along the x-axis and the table moves along the y-axis.  They are much smaller than the other two mills and take up less room in the shop. 

Other types of mills include bed mills, box mills/column mills, C-frame mills, floor mill, Jib borers, planer-style mills, ram-type mills and turret mills.

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about milling machines or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used milling machines, do so here!