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95 Ton x 8' Trumpf TrumaBend V850SX CNC Press Brake, 2006 - 6-Axis Back Gauge, Extra Open Height and Stroke


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Machine Type:
Hydraulic Press Brake - Fab
Tonnage: 95 Ton
Bending Length: 107"
Stroke: 17.5”
Max. Bed-Press Beam Distance: 29”
Effective Open Height: 24.2"
Inclination of Beam: +/- 0.4"
Distance Between Side Frames: 89"
Throat Depth: 16.5"
Width of Bed: 4.7"
Operating Height: 41.3"
Max. Distance in X: 33.9”
Travel in X Axis: 23.6”
Max. Speed of Travel in X: 2,358 ipm
Travel R Axis: 9.8”
Max. Speed of Travel in R: 780 ipm
Max. Speed of Travel in Z: 2,358 ipm
Y Rapid Speed: 520 ipm
Y Press Speed: 0.24 – 24 ipm
Y Return Speed: 522 ipm
Drive Motor: 9.2 kW
Oil Capacity: 40 gal.
Weight: 18,960 lbs.
Dimensions: 68.5”L x 111.8”H

Equipped With:
6-Axis Backgauge (X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z2)
TRUMPF Control
Upper and Lower Hydraulic Clamping
CNC Crowning
I Axis

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