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30" X 25" Hydmech V-25 APC Vertical Bandsaw, 2018 - With Go To Back Gauge System, Low Hours

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Machine Type:
Vertical Saw - Fab
V-25 APC
Capacity Rectangular (h x w)
90: 30" x 25"
45: 21" x 25"
60 Right: 14-1/2" x 25"
60 Left: 13-1/2" X 25"
90: 25"
45: 21"
60 Right: 14-1/2"
60 Left: 13-1/2"
Blade Size: 1-1/2" x 21" 0.5"
Blade Drive: 10 hp VFD
Machine Voltage: 220V/3 Phase
Automatic Multi-Indexing: 60"
Table Height: 44"
Dimensions: 254"L x 158"W x 123"H
Weight: 15,000

Equipped With:
"Go To" Back Gauge For Heavy Bundle Cutting
Hydraulic Overhead Bundling
Automatic Programmable Mitering With “Go To” Angle Functionality From 60° Left To 60° Right
Hydraulic Head Tilt
Cast Iron Band Wheels
Automatic Plc, Touch Screen Control Programmable Up To 1000 Jobs With 20 in Queue.
Two Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises
Hydraulically Powered, Programmable Guide Arm Attached
10 Hp Vfd. True Direct Blade Drive
Blade Chamber Separates Material From Cut Part
Hydraulic Chip Conveyor Efficiently Removes Chips From Saw Base
Very Low Hours

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