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36" x 20" Doall Zephyr ZV-3620W Vertical Band Saw - Wide Range Blade Capacity

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Machine Type:
Vertical Saw - Fab
Zephyr ZV-3620W
Throat: 36"
Workheight: 20"
Automatic Brakes
Hydraulic Contour Feed Control
Stroke Hydraulic Tables For Straight Cuts: 16" or 36"
Infinitely Variable Toolspeed
Choice of Wide Speed Range: 10-10,000 or 70-15,000FPM
Blade length: 240"
Saws from 1/16" to 1" Wide
Files 1/4", 3/85" and 1/2" Wide
Table Size: 30" x 36"
Extension: 19' x 19"
Table Tilt: 45 Degrees Right 10 Degrees left

Can handle up to 1" thickness Blades

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