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4000 Watt Amada FOM2-3015NT Co2 Laser, 2012- 5' X 10' Table, Dust Collector, EZ Cut System, Chiller

Machine Type:
CO2 Laser - Fab
FOM2 3015NT
Wattage: 4000 Watt
Max. Sheet Size: 60” (Y) x 120” (X)
Max. Travel: 60” (Y) x 120” (X) x 7.87” (Z)
Max. Positioning Speed (X & Y): 3,150 inches per minute
Max. Positioning Speed (Z): 4,724 inches per minute
Max. Material Weight: 2,000 pounds
Equipped With:
AMNC-F CNC Control
Fanuc AF-4000iC RF excited Resonator
Dual High Speed Shuttle Tables
Donaldson Torit TG-4 Dust Collector
Enclosure around the cutting table area is easily accessible thru interlocked doors on the long side of the machine
Step down transformer
HS2010 High Speed Non-Contact Capacitive Head
Automatic nozzle changer, cleaner, and calibration plate
Rack and pinion drive X axis
High precision ball screw drive Y and Z axis
Fanuc AC servo drive motors
Piercing: High Speed in thin sheet stock,
Spatter Free in plate
Cut Process Monitoring
Hours On: 40,203 hrs.
Hours Operating: 21,534 hrs.
Cut time: 13,007 hrs.

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