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Yaskawa Motoman AW6200 Robotic Welding Station, 2018

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Machine Type:
Fab - Other
Motoman Arcworld 6200
Servo on time 7775HRS, Run time 2423HRS

Complete weld cell ready to work.
Comes with 2 Yaskawa MA1440 robot arms 1.4meter reach. DX200 robot control system, RM-2-755

Double headstock tailstock (ferris wheel) style positioner accepts part/fixture 2 meters (78.7 inches) long by 1.3 meters (51 inches) in diameter and weight of 755Kg (1664 lb.)

The rotary positioner and robots have coordinated movement.

Welding package: 2 Miller continuum power supplies, arm mounted wire feeders and Binzel torches with crash sensors and wire wizard wire management.

Additional equipment included: Welding cell equipped with programmable torch cleaner/wire snipper/anti-spatter applicator.

Yaskawa Touchsense for locating fixtures and seams and Comarc for seam tracking.

Safety: full safety fence with integrated light curtain. Remote operator station.

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