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2017 XENA 5A 5- Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill 130mm 3.2M

Make: Xena 

Includes 1 Year Warranty
Under 500 hours use

3 modes on the same 15'' touch screen:
Manual mode
Manual assisted mode TACHYON
FAGOR 8070 "CNC" mode, conversational, or/and G code

Controller: 5 simultaneous axis

Note that our TACHYON / FAGOR controller has the "TeamViewer" interface, by which it is possible to check and diagnose machine, remotely via the internet.

Avoiding costly, and often unnecessary technician traveling when it comes only to parameters and/or programming.


Table: 72" x 63"
Max weight table 17,000 lbs

X-axis 126"
Y-axis 78.7
Z-axis 78.7
W-axis 35.4

Height of table: 56"

Diameter 130mm (5.1)
Nose: BT-50 or CAT-50
Speed (RPM) 10 -2000
Spindle motor: (26HP @ 30 min)
Speed ratio 3 (gearbox)

Fast feed (X-Y-Z) 10M / min (472’’./min)
Fast feed (W): 6M / min (400’’/min)
Cutting feed: 5M / min (200’’/min)

Table '' B '': 4 RPM

Number of tools: 60 tools (BT or CAT-50) '' ARM TYPE '' (currently on BT)
Max tool weight: 55 lbs
Max tool length: 15.7
Max tool diameter: 5 (10 in. Without adjacent tools)
Change time: 15 sec.
Machine weight: 118,000 lbs
Floor space: 295 x 301 '' (See attached drawing)
Height: 213.5 ''
Voltage: 440V 60Hz 3ph


Axis "B" @ 360,000 position (+/- 10 μ) with possibility of machining in 4 simultaneous axes on the table.
Spindle cooler
Automatic power off
Hydraulic unit
Coolant system
Automatic lubrication
Alarm light tower
LED full interior lighting
M.P.G. 5 axis
Linear positioning glass scale on the X, Y, Z axes
Heat exchanger
Chip conveyors

PROBE Renishaw (RTS + RMP60 (Q) + RMI-Q) Automatic tool length & workpiece probing system

5th axis installed on table with base
(Central connection from the top of enclosure for full pivoting)

Possibility of (5 axis simultaneously).

Rotary table with a 3-jaw hydraulic chuck (20 '') with a 6 '' bore

HD rolling center with a 3-jaw hydraulic chuck (16 '')

Hydraulic brakes on both ends

CTS "Coolant" High pressure through spindle) (15bar = 215 psi)

Full enclosure (required with CTS)

W 400mm extension support (for vibration-free power machining up to the center of the table)

Permanent adapter for: (combined with tool changer)
2 heads at 90 degrees: (1) mini 50/30 + (1) STD 50/50 (see photos below)
1 straight extension 50/50 (see photos below)


The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for workpiece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centers.

Entry-level package for simple workpiece set-up and tool setting routines.

Inspection Plus:
An integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement.

Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro:
A PC based software package with GUI, allowing users to select features directly from an imported CAD model.

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