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Poseidon Viking II 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw, 2016 - Full 5 Axis, Vacuum System, Gantry with Carriage

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Machine Type:
Horizontal Saw - Fab
Viking II 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw
Blade Motor: (15.5Kw)21HP
Blade: 20"
137” X 80” Work Area
Cutting Capability X Axis: 140”
Air: Continuous 125 psi, 10 cfm

Capacity water line ready (clean water): 1-2 Gallon/minute Capacity water line ready (recycled water): 4-6 Gallon/minute

Equipped with:
0-90 Full 5th Axis
5 Axis CNC Controller 15 Windows Based CNC Control
Automatic CNC Saw
Cam 3D Based Relief/Carving Software
Venturi Vacuum Pump System
Heavy-duty Welded Trapezoidal Gantry with Carriage,
(2) Y-Axis Rails
Tilt Worktable
Command panel

Buyer needs to provide concrete side rails.

Machine Weight: 17,000lbs
Electrical Power: 400 Volt with Neutral 80 Amp 3 Phase

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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