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Beckman AU480 Chemistry Analyzer, 2016

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Machine Type:
Process Equipment
Analytical System: Fully Automated, Random Access Chemistry System With STAT Capability.
Analytical Principle: Spectrophotometry and Potentiometry
Analytical Types: Endpoint, Rate, Fixed Point and Indirect ISE
Analytical Methods: Colorimetry, Turbidimetry, Latex Agglutination, Homogeneous Eia, Indirect ISE
Simultaneously Processed Analytes: 60 Photometric Tests + 3 Ise, 120 Pre-Programmed Onboard Tests
Throughput: 400 Photometric Tests/Hour; Maximum of 800 With ISE
ISE Throughput: 200 samples/hr. Maximum tests/hr; 600 if ISE only
Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, Urine, Other
Sample Feeder: Racks with 10 Samples Each (Barcodes on Primary Tubes and On Racks); Capacity of 80 Samples; Continuous Loading
Sample Tubes: Primary and Secondary Tubes; Diameter From 11.5 to 16 mm; Height From 55 to 102 mmm, Nestled Micro Sample Cups
STAT Samples: Up to 22 Positions for STAT Samples via Cooled Turntable. Easy-To-Operate Interrupts Between Tests. Auto-Repeat Run Capability.
Sample Volume: 1–25 μl in 0.1 μl steps (1-25 μl for repeats)
Reagent Capacity: 76 Positions for (R1+R2, Detergent Position). Holds 15, 30 and 60ml bottles.
Reagent Storage: Refrigerated (4–12°C)
Reagent Volume: R1: 10–250 μl; R2: 10–250 μl (in 1 μl increment)
Total Reaction Volume: 90-350 μl
Reaction Cuvette: Permanent Glass Cuvettes
Reaction Time: Up to 8 minutes, 37.5 seconds
Reaction Incubation: 37°C, dry bath
Photometry System: Direct Assay Through the Reaction Cuvette (0–3.0 OD) Mono and Bichromatic Measurements Possible
Wavelength: 13 Different Wavelengths Between 340-800 nm
Calibration: Auto Calibration, Cooled Calibrator Positions; Master Calibration Established by Two-Dimensional Barcode
Quality Control: Auto QCD, cooled QC positions
Rerun: 1. Auto Rerun and Manual Rerun Available
2. Automatic Sample Increase, Decrease or Normal Repeat
3. Reflex Testing
Sample Pre-dilution: Dilution Ratio: Fixed to 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 76 or 100
Test Requisition: Individual and Profile Test Requisition via Online, Mouse, Function Keys and Touch-Screen
Sample Integrity: Lipaemia, Haemolysis and Icterus Analysis. Sample Clot Detection and Probe Crash Protection.
Online: RS232C. Full Uni- and Bidirectional Communication Possible.
Software: Windows 7®
Data Storage: Sample Number 100,000 samples. Reaction Data 200,000 tests
Dimensions (W x H x D): ANL; 1,450 x 1,205 x 760
Power Supply: 100-240v; 60 Hz/ <3.5kVA

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