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Used Vertical Band Saws For Sale

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Saw machines are used throughout the fabrication industry.  There are several types that we may have in our inventory including, horizontal bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, cold saws, and cut-off saws.  Saw machines can cut into various materials including metals, wood and stone.  

Vertical Bandsaw machines are made to assist in cutting curves or shapes into the material.  (They can also go by “contour saw”) This bandsaw has the blade mounted vertically and this allows the blade to run perpendicular to the metal being cut. Some vertical saws feature a feed function such as a gravity feed or hydraulic feed to assist running the material through the machine.  Vertical Bandsaws are much more versatile than the other types of saws. They can cut into softer metals and even wood. A big advantage with vertical bandsaws is that they require less power and take up less space in the shop. Vertical bandsaws are usually made with a built-in blade welder that allows broken blades to be repaired as well as create new blades.  They also are typically made with an air blower that blows chips out of the way of the cutting area and cool down the blade while operating.

The machines are made up of a head (large unit at the top of the machine) which holds the saw band idler wheel, tension adjustment handwheel, drive motor switch, flexible air line (air blower to keep the chips out of the way of the cutting area), and the adjustable support for the upper saw guide.  In the main column, you will find the speed indicator dial. This determines the speed in feet per minute and is driven by a cable from the transmission. The base of the machine holds the motor, transmission, saw band drive wheel, variable speed unit, table and lower saw band guide. In addition, there is a power feed mechanism located here along with the foot pedal.  The variable speed unit is made up of two V-type pulleys that are mounted to a bearing tube. One pulley drives the saw band drive wheel and the other is driven by the transmission.

Benefits of owning a Vertical Bandsaw-

  • Versatile
  • Able to cut complex shapes/angles
  • Take up less space
  • Use less power
  • Smooth cutting/Controlled cutting

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about Vertical Bandsaw machines or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used Vertical Bandsaws, do so here!