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Sell Turrett Punches

Selling your used turret punch machine with Revelation Machinery

A turret punch is a machine that forms metal shapes by punching.  Turret punch presses can create the perfect holes punched in record time.  These machines are the most affordable and quickest way for manufacturers to make holes in sheet metal on a large scale.  Instead of only one punch like press brakes, turret punches perform a series of punches with specific shapes. This makes it ideal for complex curves and broadens the types of products it can help create.  After the hole is punched into the metal, the sheet can be then sent to forming, bending and welding. Turret punch presses can contain a wide variety of standard punching tools that vary by edge, hole shape, size, notch shape and edge.   A typical turret punch can have around 60 tools in the turret but there are some that can hold 200. This allows for any shape to be cut right from the sheet metal. The tooling for these machines consist of a die, stripper and punch.  You will find our turret punch machines under the Fabrication machine category.

How do I sell my used turret punch machine with you?

Below is the information needed to begin the selling process.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the below requirements.

First:  We must make an initial assessment of the machine.  We need the following information to be able to give you the best quote possible.

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Machine Type
  • Serial Number
  • Tonnage
  • Sheet Size (L)
  • Table Size (W)
  • Turret Stations

Second: We will need photographs taken of the machine.  We may request specific angles or components to show customers exactly what they are potentially purchasing.  There are some components of machines that are prone to wear, so these should be included. Taking high-quality photographs initially will be very helpful in moving the process along.

Third: We need to know what your floor requirements are.  Can you keep this machine on your

floor until it is sold?  Or do you need the machine off the floor immediately?  It is very expensive to move machines, so we can save you a lot of money if we keep the machine with you until we can find a buyer who will move the machine themselves.  There is also the option of consignment arrangements.

Finally: Once you have all of the information above, please contact us here and we will start the process!

Our company wants to make this as convenient as possible for you!  We know how busy you are running your shop and don’t have time for the back and forth of selling machines.  Let us do all of the hard work and take that burden off of your shoulders. Revelation Machinery handles all contact with potential customers which frees up all of your time to focus on your company operations.  We are even willing to come out to your shop to meet and discuss how we can meet your goals for acquiring and liquidating machinery for the near future. Our main focus is building relationships with our customers so we can provide top quality service.

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