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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Used Hydraulic Press Brakes For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used hydraulic press brakes. This type of press brake typically has two cylinders mounted on the side houses in the front of the machine. These press brakes have better control when setting up your bend and a more precise bend. Other features include variable speed control (much faster), quick retraction and the capability to reverse the stroke at any time. Due to all of this, used hydraulic press brakes are usually the safest and most expensive type of press brake. If you can’t find the press brake you are looking for, contact us.

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Found Results

60 Ton
x 8'
Year: 1998
150 Ton
x 12'
Year: 1970
100 Ton
x 10'
Year: 1998
175 Ton
x 14'
Year: 1991
175 Ton
x 16'
Year: 1999
200 Ton
x 20'
Standard Industrial
Year: 1994
25 Ton
x 4'
Year: 1998
60 Ton
x 6'
Year: 1996
230 Ton
x 14'
230CB x 12
Year: 1995
65 Ton
x 10'
Year: 1960
65 Ton
x 10'
65 Ton
Year: 1965
75 Ton
x 8'
Year: 1981

Hydraulic Press Brake Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a hydraulic press brake?

Hydraulic press brakes offer several advantages due to utilizing two hydraulic cylinders including variable speed control, more accurate bending, quick retraction, able to reverse the operation stroke at any time and are safer and provide better accuracy and control than mechanical press brakes.

What types of materials can be bent or formed using a hydraulic press brake?

Hydraulic press brakes can bend and form sheet metal and are best suited for materials including copper and brass, stainless steel, aluminum and high strength alloys.

What are the common applications for hydraulic press brakes?

Hydraulic press brakes work well for large-scale metal fabrication and high-volume production lines. If you need to create intricate forms or deform massive metal sheets, hydraulic press brakes offer the strong forces needed to get the job done. They’re mainly used for metal processing and manufacturing in industries incluing aerospace, agriculture, transportation, military, energy, auto, and marine industries and more.

How long does a hydraulic press brake typically last?

If a quality hydraulic press brake is well-maintained, it can last beyond 50 years from the date it was manufactured. But keep in mind, CNC-controlled press brake machines that are older than 20 years can be very difficult to find parts and/or service for. When you’re ready to purchase a used hydraulic press brake, make sure to ask about its maintenance history.

What are the main factors to consider when selecting a hydraulic press brake?

When you’re ready to purchase a used hydraulic press brake, the main factors you’ll want to take into consideration include:

  • Condition
  • Maintenance History
  • Age & Usage
  • Tonnage & Bending Capacity
  • Manufacturer & Reputation
  • Control System
  • Safety Features
  • Warranty & Support
  • Price & Value

Considering these factors will not only ensure you purchase a hydraulic press brake machine that’s right for your industry and business, but also gives you the quality equipment you need while staying budget-friendly.

How do I calculate the bending force of a hydraulic press brake?

To calculate the tonnage needed for the operation you’re looking to perform, you’ll need to know factors including: material type and strength, material thickness, die and punch parameters, and bending length. You’ll also want to keep factors like friction on the die, tensile strength, capacity of the tooling and the age and type of your used hydraulic press brake machine in mind. While these calculations can certainly be done by hand, you can spend more time fabricating and less time calculating with the help of tonnage load or bending force calculators from hydraulic press brake manufacturers like Pacific Press Technologies, Cincinnati and Accurpress. Keep in mind these calculators are for air bends only.

Still have more questions? Revelation Machinery has the answers. Call our hydraulic brake press experts today or learn what questions to ask when purchasing a press brake. Interested in selling? Learn how to sell your used hydraulic press brake for cash to Revelation Machinery today!