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Used Industrial Feeder FAQs

What is an industrial feeder in the packaging industry, and what is its purpose?

Used in the packaging industry, industrial feeder systems automatically feed or supply materials, products, or components into the packaging process. Used feeder machines ensure a steady and controlled flow of items to be packaged and help greatly to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

What types of materials can a feeder machine handle?

Designed to accommodate the characteristics and handling requirements of the material being fed, used feeders in the packaging industry can handle a wide range of materials depending on the application. Materials that industrial feeder systems can handle include powders, granules, solids, liquids, capsules, tablets, bottles, cartons, and more.

What types of industrial feeder systems are available in the packaging industry?

While there are various types of feeders used in the packaging industry, you’ll want to choose a feeder that meets the needs and specific requirements of your packaging operation, helps to improve productivity, and ensures efficient and reliable material feeding in your packaging process. In the packaging industry, types of feeder machines used include:

  • Vibratory feeders
  • Screw Feeders
  • Belt Feeders
  • Gravity Feeders
  • Pneumatic Feeders
  • Vacuum Feeders
  • Rotary Feeders

What factors should be considered when buying a feeder?

When looking at used feeders for sale in the packaging industry, there are a number of factors to consider including:

Material and Product Requirements:

Consider the type of materials or products to be fed into the industrial feeder and ensure it’s capable of handling those materials effectively. Consider details such as size, weight, shape, fragility, and flow characteristics of the materials that you’ll be working with.

Feeding Speed and Accuracy:

Determine the feeding speed and accuracy required for your packaging process. Verify the capabilities of the industrial feeder system including speed control, precision, and material feeding consistency.


Consider your existing packaging machinery or production line and make sure the used feeder for sale that you’re interested in is compatible in terms of integration, interface, and communication requirements with your overall packaging system.

Versatility and Flexibility:

Find out if the used feeder machine can handle different materials, shapes and sizes. Look at the features the industrial feeder offers including adjustable parameters, quick changeover capabilities, and how easy it is for the used feeder to adapt to different products or packaging requirements in the future.

Feeder Capacity:

Always confirm the industrial feeder capacity to ensure it’s sufficient to meet your production needs. Look at factors including the desired production volume, material replenishment frequency, and size of the material batches to be fed.


Customization will depend on the specific industrial feeder and manufacturer. Customization options to tailor the machine to your specific requirements are available on some industrial feeder systems. Always verify with the used equipment what customization or adaptations are possible on the used feeder machine you’re interested in.

Maintenance and Reliability:

Ask the used equipment dealer if documentation is available regarding the maintenance history of the used feeder machine you’re looking to purchase. This can show how well the machine was cared for in the past and any replacement parts or repairs that have been done in the past. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements and reliability of the feeder. Look at factors including how easy it is to clean and maintenance accessibility as well as any required downtime for maintenance.

Safety and Compliance:

Verify the industrial feeder system meets the safety standards and regulations of your industry. Ask what safety features are included such as proper guarding, emergency stop buttons, and compliance with industry guidelines that help to ensure the safety of operators.

What is the cost of a feeder?

When looking at the price of industrial feeders, prices can vary due to factors such as age and condition, type, size, capacity, features and capabilities, manufacturer, model, and more. Determine the long-term value of the used feeder machine by considering labor or material cost savings and improved productivity.

What support and training are available for operating the used feeder machine?

Verify what documentation or manuals come with the feeder machine you’re interested in. Confirm whether the manufacturer offers support or training on machine operation, programming, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Most times, you can find equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and spare parts on manufacturer websites.

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