2500 Watt BLM Adige LT712D 8.5 CO2 Tube Laser, 2008 – Dust Collector, Chiller, Unloader


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Machine Type: Tube Lasers
Model: Adige LT712D 8.5
Make: BLM
Year: 2008
Capacity: 2500 Watt

Power: 2500W
Round Tube Capacity: 0.5″ – 6″
Square Tube Capacity: 0.5″ – 4.7″
Rectangular Tube Capacity: 2″ x 6″
Material Types: Stainless, Aluminum, Steel
Minimum Bar Length Automation: 10.5′
Max Bar Length: 27.8′
Max Bar Weight: 10.1 Lbs./FT
Max Unload Length: 14′
Laser Filament Hours: 487
System Hours: 38295

Equipped with:
Donaldson Torit BDF4 Dust Collector
Dimplex Chiller
Siemens 840D Control
Rofin DC025 Resonator
Weld Seam Detector
High Speed Piercing
Delicate Tube Options
6″ Diameter Kit
Open Shapes Kit
4.5 Meter Unloader (14.7′)

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