4000 Watt Jordi LUX 3015 Fiber Laser, 2023 – 5’x10′ Table, delivery, Training and Installation Included


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Machine Type:
CO2 Lasers
LUX 3015

Cutting Table Dimensions: 3000mm x 1500mm of Useable Space
Real Working Areas: 3.150m x1.550m
IPG Fiber Laser Resonator: 4 kw
Cutting Head Precitec Pro Cutter 200 Version 2.0
Capacitive Sensor
Automatic Shuttle Table
Automatic Nozzle Changer 8 Positions
CAD/CAM Software Lantek Expert Cut
Communication Software JORDI ONLINE (TeamViewer and Remote Teleservice)
CNC ESA Automotion S675 PCTouch
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning System
Safety Glass Cleanliness Control System
Automatic Focal Control from Z Axis
Protects the Cutting Unit from Collisions
21“ Touch Screen with Command Control (with Keyboard and Mouse)
Ultra-Fast Height Regulation
JORDI Laser Vision Detection 2.1 (Measurement Piece/Sheet by Laser)
JORDI Fly Cutting 3.0
JORDI Fast Piercing 2.0 Ultra-Fast Piercing
JORDI Dynamic System 4.0 2G Acceleration
Automatic Focus Adjustment,
JORDI Automatic Cutting System 3.2 (Automation Work Queues)
Contactless System for Positioning the Sheet on the Table
JORDI Automatic Piercing 2.3 (Instant Piercing Detection)
Cooling System
Conveyor in the Cutting Area for Transporting Chips Parts
Fume Extraction System
Cooling System for Laser Generator and Optics
Protection Against Damage to the Lens and Protection of Optics from Dust
Exhaust Gas and Particulate Extraction System
ClassIV Safety System and Working Area Safety Cabin by CE
JORDI Cut Quality CCC System 4.0
Availability for MARKING at the Sheet
Starter Kit of Consumables and Materials for Maintenance

Delivery, Installation and Training are Included in the Price.

Approx. Delivery Will Be Oct. 2022

2 year Warranty Included

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.