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4,000 Watt Mazak Optiplex 3015 CO2 Laser, 2013- 5′ x 10′ Table


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Laser Type: CO2 Gas
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: 60.039 in X 120.078 in
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 2,050 Lbs.
Machine Travels
X Axis: 122.046 in
Y Axis: 62.2 in
Z Axis: 3.94 in
Work Table Height: 35.4 in
Axial Feed Acceleration x, y, z: 1.2 G
Motion Drive System Design x, y axis: Rack And Pinion Drive
Rapid Travel Rate x, y axis: 4,724 IPM
Positioning Accuracy x, y axis: 0.002 in
Repeatable Accuracy x, y, z axis: 0.0012 in
Total Electrical Requirement: 76.0 KVA
Installation Dimensions w x d: 394 in X 240 in
Machine Dimensions w x d x h: 334.21 in X 137.2 in X 79.13 in
Machine Weight: 36,376 Lbs.
Control: Mazatrol Preview 3
Max Thickness Mild Steel: 1 in
Max Thickness Stainless Steel: 1/2 in
Machine Hours (total): 42,080

Equipped With:
Ball Transfers in Shuttle Table