60′ Ocean Avenger II Drill Line, 2010


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Profile size 40” x 50’
Maximum drill diameter 1-9/16” @ 100% duty cycle
2” at reduced production
Material thickness Limited only by drill length and through-the-tool coolant system
1-1/4” with external spray mist coolant system
Maximum speed X axis 120 ft per minute
Maximum speed Y axis 120 ft per minute
Spindle motor 13.5 HP, dual-range hydraulic motor
Spindle speeds 200 – 850 rpm, continuously variable
Drilling feed rate 2” – 10” per minute, continuously variable
Maximum spindle stroke 13”
Vise clamping power 5 tons maximum (adjustable)
Power supply 460 Volt 3 Phase, 60 Hz

The Ocean Avenger can be installed in any structural steel fabrication shop or other operation where layout and drilling is required. It is capable of drilling most steel profiles including:

• Beams up to 40” high (rolled or fabricated)
• Angles, channels and T sections
• Flat bars
• Plates up to 40” wide
• Girders
• Tapered beams or other unequal sections
• Tubes
• Rails
• Truck frames, rail car frames, etc.

Main Characteristics of the Ocean AVENGER:

• Eliminates manual layout and drilling
• Provides exceptional accuracy of hole placement, eliminating costly field modifications
• Easy installation in one-half the floor space required by regular beam lines
• Simple and easy to operate
• No computer experience required
• Fully automatic drilling cycle

Concept of the Beam Line

• Fixed Machine Bed
• Mobile Drilling Unit
• Web Sensor System
• Hydraulic System
• Siemens 2 Axis 840D Numerical Control
• Introduction – Data Storing
• Axis Control
• Pentium PC
• Machining Cycle