9 Gauge Fasti Folder 225-32-4, 2001 with Training and Installation


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Capacity: 127" X 9 GA
Machine Weight: 15,388 lbs
Max Open Height: 18.7"
Hydraulic Oil Type: HLP 46 DIN 51502 (ISO VG 46)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 31.5MPa
Line: 400 V 3 Phase 400v to 480V Step Down Transformer Included
Frequency: 60 Hz
Control Voltage: 24V
Connection Voltage: 12.96 kW
Nominal Current: 28.52A
Angle Setting Range: 0 – 180 Degrees
Beam Adjustment
120” L-Shaped Backgauge With Programmable Backstops
Deflect and Folding Adjustments
DELEM FM 200 CNC Control

Equipped with:
Assorted Tooling
Tooling Cart