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Armbruster Rotovib 20 Destemmer, 2008


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Machine for destemming only:

-Destemming capacity up to 18 tons per hour
-Total installed power: 5.2 kW / (7.0 hp) / 480v – 11 amps / 240v – 22 amps
-Variable frequency pin shaft drive to control speed of the pin shaft and the vibration level
-Stainless steel (304) housing and pin shaft
-Infeed hopper: 1016 x 972 mm (40” x 38.3”)
-Voltage: 480 / 3 phase / 60 hz or 240v / 3 phase / 60 hz (customer to choose)
-Control box remote stand with wheels, comes with 15 meters (49 ft) of power cord
• Electrical package includes:
◦ Stainless steel control cabinet
◦ On/off switch
◦ Emergency stop
◦ Power failure protection
-Standard polypropylene destemming cylinder has 28 x 22 mm holes with the last 5 rows at the discharge end of the
cylinder having 20 x 22 mm holes
-Destemming cylinder can run clockwise and counterclockwise
-Includes integrated MOG hopper for waste removal and juice screen with optional pump for juice discharge