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AutoMate SL 6 CNC Lathe, 2016 – Sub Spindle, Lots of Tooling


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Max. Swing Over Bed:15.75″
Max. Swing Over Carriage: 7.85″
Max. Length of Workpiece: 11.8″
X Axis:11.75″
Z Axis: 14″
X-Axis Rapids: 800 IPM
Z-Axis Rapids: 800 IPM
Max. Cutting Speed: 315 IPM
Spindle Power: 7.5 HP
RPM Range: 50-3000
Spindle Bore: 1.89″
Spindle Nose Taper: A2-5
Chuck Type: 6″ 3-Jaw Chuck
Approx Machine Dimensions: 86.5″ x 63″ x 72″
Approx Shipping Weight: 5420 Lbs
Air for Pneumatics: 90 PSI
Coolant Capacity: 25 Gal
Hydraulic Capacity: 18.5 Gal

Equipped With:

Upgraded Hydraulic Spindle
Shopturn software
Siemens 828
Collet conversion for chuck
Collets Included
Tool holders Included
Spindle Liners Included