Doosan TT-1800SY Multi Tasking CNC Lathe, 2013 – TSC, Dual Spindle, Dual Turret


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Max. Turning Diameter (Upper & Lower Turret): 9.05″
Max Distance Between Spindle Noses: 29.5″
Bar Work Diameter (L&R Spindle): 2.625″
X1 Axis Travel / X2 Axis Travel: 6.5″ / 7.48″
Y Axis Travel: 3.93″ (+/-1.96″)
Z1 Axis Travel / Z2 Axis Travel 27.5″ / 28.34″
B Axis Travel (righthand spindle): 30.31″
C Axis Spindle Index Increment-Both: .001 Deg
Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore: A2-6″ / 2.99″
Spindle Speeds: 5,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 30 Min. / Cont: 30 HP / 25 HP
Rotary Tool Speeds: 5,000 RPM
Rotary Tool Motor: 7.5 HP
Number of Tool Positions: 12 Upper / 12 Lower
Rapid Traverse Rates X/Z, B: 787 / 1574 IPM
Machine Dimensions: 154″x82″x82″
Machine Weight: 19,400 lbs

Equipped With:
Direct drive main and sub spindle
24 station turrets upper and lower
C axis on both spindles
Upper Y axis
Brand new 8” three jaw Samshully chucks on main and subspindle (Collet chucks shown not included)
Upper part basket with conveyor
Lower part basket / bar end unloader
Factory tool package with static and 2-90 deg live 4 radial live tools.
M code chip conveyor,
Through subspindle coolant
Pneumatic ejector on subspindle
Auto door m-code
Main and subspindle air blows m-code fired
Edge rebel 80 bar loader
6 spindle liners jf berns.
Mistaway mist collector
2017 integrated
chipblaster j2-60 dual channel high pressure coolant 1000psi with flow monitors to catch any drop in coolant delivery.