Fin BL2020 CNC Angle Line, Year 2007


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Angle bar size(mm) 63x63x4~200x200x20

Max. punching capacity (Diameter x thickness) 16Mn Ø26×16

Q235 Ø26×20

Punching nominal force(kN) 950

Marking force(kN) 560

Shearing force (kN) 1540

Maximum raw material length 14

Back mark adjustment range 20~170

Punch numbers at each side 3

Marking Character box 4

Character size 14x10x19

CNC axis 3

Cutting mode Dual-blade cutting

Feeding speed of angle bar (m/min) 40

Work accuracy Comply with national standard GB2694-2003

Programming method Keyboard input, USB connection

Overall size(mm)(Lx WxH) 32000x7000x2600

Machine net weight(tons) 16.5