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Fully Functional Hemp Extraction Lab, Hydrocarbon Lab Equipment, 2020 – Complete Operations Takeover, Tampa FL – Full Production Never Started, Permits Still Valid, 12.500FT² Video Tour Available


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The facility consists of a 10,000 sq ft, air-conditioned warehouse space where the equipment is segregated by process in customized, mobile rooms. There are four rooms in total consisting of an ethanol storage vault, crude extraction room, distillation room, and a large walk-in chemical ventilation room.

Included is also 2,500 sq ft of air-conditioned office space, which is fully furnished. The facility is secured via a camera system, 15 cameras inside and out, and has a badge swipe entry-system installed.

The ethanol storage vault is a 500 sq ft, C1D1 rated room that consists of three ethanol storage tanks. Two 1,500-gallon tanks store fresh ethanol while the remaining 2,000-gallon tank stores the recovered ethanol after having been used in extraction. This recovered ethanol can be reused or disposed of. All three of these tanks are plumbed to transfer solvent between one another as well as to and from the extraction room via a PLC system.

The extraction room, a 700 sq ft C1D1 rated room, consists of a centrifuge extractor, de-wax skid, and a solvent recovery system. The extractor is capable of processing up to 150 lbs of biomass per hour and is programmable to specific parameters to ensure consistent reproducibility. The extractor is plumbed to multiple filters including a carbon and clay lenticular filter and a nano-filter to remove plant waxes. This system is able to push up to 500L/hr of tincture through a pressurized nano-filter which separates the plant waxes and discharges them into a designated vessel. The de-waxed tincture is then passed through a 400L/hr solvent recovery system with an in-line decarboxylation vessel. Between these three components are two 1100L buffer tanks that allow you to isolate any of these three systems and store in process oil if any component malfunctions or needs to be serviced. Piped to this room is a Fulton boiler which uses steam to provide heat to the solvent recovery system. The boiler is housed in its own, custom built, vented room.

In addition to the main solvent recovery system, there is a Capna Ares V.2 falling film system that can be utilized for solvent recovery of mother liquor which is the oil that is left after crystallizing CBD from distillate.

Just outside the extraction room is a 600L water tank and a 4000L mixing vessel that is plumbed to both the ethanol vault and extraction room serving as a clean in place system.

The distillation building consists of two rooms, 350 sq ft each, where the first room contains a two-stage wiped film distillation skid capable of processing 10L/hr. The second room, which is free of equipment, is used as a quarantine room for the various extracts. The distillation skid has a 50L jacketed stirring vessel that is utilized for a final de-gas of the oil as well as a hopper to feed oil to the wiped film columns. Stage one is to target lower boiling point compounds such as terpenes while stage two is to target CBD and produce a purified distillate oil. The system consists of two large condensers and two cold traps that help prevent vapors from reaching the vacuum pumps. Each stage is powered by its own Leybold dry scroll vacuum pump and the second stage includes a roots blower that essentially acts as a supercharger to ensure extremely deep vacuum depths to produce a high-quality distillate. The four pumps that move the oil through the system have been upgraded from the originals to Liquiflo mag drive pumps for improved efficiency. A Micro-Motion flow meter was also installed in line between the feed vessel and the first stage which helps the operator know exactly how much fluid is being fed at any given time. The final upgrade to this skid was removal of the heat trace system which was replaced by jacketed lines connected to a hot oil circulator.

The final room is a 100 sq ft fume venting room manufactured by HAL Extraction. This room presents a safe space to work with various solvents whether you are crystallizing CBD or doing R&D experiments. Situated in this room are two reactors, a jacketed 30L Nutsche Filter reactor and a jacketed 50L reactor that also includes a filter vessel option and a distillation attachment kit. Both reactors are paired with heating/cooling fluid circulators allowing flexibility with your processes. Additionally, a 5L Heidolph rotovap can be utilized for R&D and smaller scale experiments. Attached to the ventilation room is a 160 sq ft air-conditioned annex that houses a vacuum oven to dry extracts and also provides a workspace for any prep work to be completed prior to entering the fume hood.