Gloucester 60″ Wide Sheet Line Manufactured in 1999, Last Used on A Hips/PET Sheet


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Machine Type:
Plastics Machinery
Sheet Line

Gloucester 60″ wide sheet line manufactured in 1999, last used on a Hips/PET sheet. This line consists of the following:

One (1) Gloucester model 60400R 2A 6″30:1 L/D extruder with an electrically heated, air cooled (Contracool) and vented barrel at a 72″center-line height. Gearbox has a 14..48/1 reduction ratio and is direct driven by a 400 HP DC motor with free standing Saftronics scr.control.. .Gearbox has oil pump with heat exchanger for cooling. .Extruder discharge has a Dynisco model EH-60 hydraulic slide plate screen changer with two nominal 6 diameter breaker plates. Includes a 2HP hydraulic power pack mounted on the extruder frame. Console style temperature control panel has 14 zones of controllers. Gravity feed hopper with bindicators and magnet mounted on the feed throat. S/N 40371-01..

One (1) Used Gloucester model 2522 R2 2.5” 32:1 L/D having electrically heated, water cooled(closed loop) vented and plugged barrel at approximately a 72” centerline height. Gearbox has a reduction ratio of 10..73:1 and is direct driven by a 60D/C motor with Saftronics scr control. Manual screen changer mounted on the extruder discharge. Panel with controls. Rebuilt by Gloucester approximately 2000. Serial number 36858-01

One melt pump with 30HP drive, system controls. Sm-Cyclo gearbox.. Frame mounted

One(1) lot of transfer piping and static mixers

One (1) used EDI / Nordson sheet die having a 58″ slot opening. Upper flexible lip with Fixed lower lip. Adjusting bolts on 1″ centers. 1 1/4” ” end feed entrance . Mounted on a heavy duty cart

One (1) used 60″ Gloucester cooling and polishing stand having three (3) nominal 24″ diameter chrome plated rolls mounted in a 45 degree arrangement for down stack operation. Rolls are pneumatically actuated. Chrome rolls are via approximately a 5 HP a/C motor through a gear reducer. Includes 60″ pull roll stand with approximately a 5 HP ac drive system, idler conveyor built onto frame, includes three zone water temperature control system with heaters, heat exchangers, and pumps. Unitized controls. Model 2000 SLA.. S/n40371-02. Manufactured 6/1999.

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