Haas DS-30Y CNC Lathe, 2012 – Tool Presetter, Parts Catcher, Live Tooling w/ C Axis, Bar Feeder, Probing


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Bar Capacity: 2.0″
Max Turning Length: 23″
Max Turning Diameter: 18″
4000-rpm main spindle, 30 hp
4000-rpm secondary spindle, 20 hp
X-Axis Travel: 12.5″
Y-Axis Travel: ±2.0″
Z-Axis Travel: 23″
X-Axis Rapids: 945 ipm
Y-Axis Rapids: 500 ipm
Z-Axis Rapids: 945 ipm
Live Tooling with C Axis
12-Station Hybrid BOT/VDI Turret
Power: 3-Phase, 195-260 V

Equipped with:
Lathe Work/Gauging Probe Renishaw
Parts Catcher System
Automatic Tool Presetter System
Early Power Failure Detection Module
Chip Conveyor System, Belt Type
Bar Feeder,, 8.3″ Chuck