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Jinan Talin TL-35 Industrial Microwave Oven, 2021 – Conveyor, Entry Hopper, Exit Hopper, Vibrating Table, Industrial Chiller


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-Belt Width: 2.8′
-2.5″ Opening Height
-Used to Dry Kratum Specifically
-Machine sold free and clear of all product
-Currently Assembled
-Operating Frequency: 2450+/-50MHz
-Construction: Stainless Steel
-Used Maybe 5 or 6 Times
-480V, 3P, 50Hz
-Dimensions: 26′ x 5′ x 6′
-Electronic Manuals Available

Equipped with:
-Entry Hopper
-Exit Hopper
-Vibrating Table
-Industrial Chiller
-Support from the manufacturer