Matsuura MX-520 PC4 5 Axis VMC, 2021 – LOW Hours, Ran Two Jobs, 12,000 RPM, Renishaw OMP 400, Renishaw Nc4, 4 Pallets. Seller Needs sold


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SPINDLE OPTIONS 12,000 RPM High-Torque
Big + CAT#40 Grease Lubricated Spindle
TOOL OPTIONS 90 Tool Chain
4 Pallet Changer w/ Inch Pallets
PC4 Manual Pallet Rotation at Work Station

8 Sets of Extra M-Functions For 3rd party Option Integration – Includes Relay Board
Scale Feedback for (X,Y,Z) Axis/ Heidenhain Scale Rotary Scales are Standard
Air Blow for Chip Swarf Removal Environmental Thermal Displacement Compensation
3 Color Patrol Light Red, Yellow, Green
Air Driven Rotary Wiper on Operator Window Provision for Mist Separator
Weekly Timer Allows for automatic shut-down & auto start-up with spindle warm up

Spindle Load Monitoring Function Allows an operator to teach reference torque values for the feed and spindle axis for a new tool. When a tool reaches a warning level the operator is notified. If the torque values reach another limit the machine is halted.
Tool Pre-Check Function The control determines a list of required tools for the next pallet program and ensures that the correct tools are available before beginning to cut. 3D Model of Work Envelope in STL Format eZ-5 w/ Calibration Ball Spindle Probe Required
Synchro Tip + Orbital Machining Function CONVEYOR OPTIONS MOSNIC RD-3C Chip Conveyor with Drum Filter Filters Chips Down to 50 Microns in Size
FANUC PACKAGES MMU Value Package o Tool offset Pairs 999-Pairs o Addition of Workpiece Coordinate System 300-Pairs o Optional Block Skip 9 o Program Restart o Coordinate System Rotation o Tool Life Management o Part Program Storage Size 8 Megabytes o High-Speed Skip o Common Variable Expansion (#100-#199/ #500-#999)
High Speed/ High Precision Package + 5 Axis Package o iZ-2/150NF o NANO Smoothing 1 and 2 o Optimal Torque Acceleration & Deceleration o Data Server Package with Ethernet Connectivity and 1 Gigabyte of Program Storage o Tool Center Point Control o 3D Cutter Compensation o Tilted Working Plane Command o Tool Posture Control by Tool Center Point Control o Work Set-up Error Compensation o Inverse Time Feed