Tsugami SS327-5AX Swiss Turning Center, 2017 Edge Patriot 338 Barfeeder


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Max Machining Dia. 1.26″
Max Machining Length 12.60″ (320mm)
Main Spindle Speed 200-8,000
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 200-8,000
Back Spindle Max Dia. 1.26
Back Spindle Front Ejection max length 3.2″ (80mm)
Back Spindle Speed 200-8,000
Rapid Traverse Rate 32 M/min
Input Power 17KVA
Center Height 41.33 (1,050 mm)
Weight 7,430 lbs
Run time = 499 hrs, 22 min.

Main Spindle 7.5 hp
Back Spindle 5 hp
Rotary Tool 1.5 hp continuous
Coolant .05 hp

Number of Mountable Tools
Gang Tool Post (turning) 9 (11 opt)
Gang Tool Post (live) 6
Front Drilling 5 (9 opt)
Back Drilling 5 (15 opt)
Sub Side Live Tools, Face and Cross Positions 3 & 2

Tooling Size
Turning Tools 5/8″ sq
Main Spindle Collet Holders 22mm
Sub Spindle Collet Holders 20mm

Main Spindle Collet TF 37
Back Spindle Collet TF 37
Guide Bushing TD 32
Rotary Tool Collet ER16/ER20

Edge Patriot 338 (two Channels) 8 feet
Barfeeder Interface
Work conveyor w/parts catcher basket
Axial Shift Device
Chucker Kit
H08 2000 psi HP Pump
Filter Mist Unit w/Hepa Filter
Thru Sub-Spindle Coolant
Run time = 499 hrs