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Weigh Right PMB-1E Semi-Automatic Single Lane Net Weigh Filler, 2008


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Used 2008 Weigh Right PMB-1E Semi-Automatic Single Lane Net Weigh Filler:

Weights & Rates:
1oz – 8oz: 15cpm
8oz – 2oz: 10cpm
2lbs – 3lbs: 8cpm
3lbs – 5lbs: 6cpm
5lbs – 10lbs: 3cpm

The PMB-1 net weigher is our introductory customized single lane vibratory scale.

The PMB-1 will provide about 5 to 15 fills per minute depending on the package weight, product density and flow characteristics of the product, i.e., coffee beans flow faster than frozen broccoli.

The PMB-1 can be used by an operator who presents the package to be filled (semi-automatic) or fully automatic with an automatic bagger or container indexing conveyor.

44″ x 30″ x 48″
300 lbs