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2006 Fadal VMC 3020HT - 10K RPM Spindle - High Torque - Swing Arm Tool Changer

This machine is no longer available, please contact us to find a similar machine.

Location: Oregon, United States

X-Axis Travels: 30"
Y-Axis Travels: 20"
Z-Axis Travels: 20"
Table Size: 40.5" X 20”
Table Capacity: 4,250 LBS
Rapid Traverse (X/Y): 900 IPM
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: CAT40
ATC, Number of Tools: 24 DATC (1.9 sec)
Spindle Drive Motor: 22.5 HP
Spindle Torque: 220 FT/LBS
Control: Fadal MP
Dimensions: 106" x 85" x 102"
Weight: 12,400 LBS

Equipped with:

Fadal MultiProcessor Control
AC Servo System
Rigid Tapping
High Torque
10,000 RPM
Swing Arm Tool Changer
High Speed CPU

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