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2007 Koike Aronson 3-Axis Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Gantry Plate Cutting Machine

Model 3100 Versagraph Millenium Series 
AC Servo Drives rated at 4 to 800 inches per minute
Effective Cutting Width: 124"
Effective Cutting Length: 522"
Distance Between Floor Mount Pads: 195"
Rail Gauge: 213"
Number of tools: 10
Rapid Traverse Speed: 1400 IPM
Contour Speed: 600 IPM
Kaliburn Spirit 400 amp power supply
Mild Steel rated at 1-3/4” maximum pierce
Mild Steel rated at 3” maximum edge start
Stainless Steel rated at 1-1/2” maximum pierce
Stainless Steel rated at 2” maximum edge start
(1) Oxy-Fuel Cutting Station w/ manifold system for up to (8) stations
Mild steel up to 8” thick
Hypertherm ArcWriter Plasma Arc Marking System
Capable of etching letters as small as 3/8”
Voyager III Shape Cutting Control Package
Touch screen w/ panel control
15” high resolution color LCD screen
60 GByte Hard Drive
(3) USB Ports
Full software package included. Latest version of ProNest with all refined settings
Capable of beveling in 2-axis
Overhead Nyla-Track w/ all required hoses and wiring
Approximately 48 feet of rail. Support beams not included
Not Included:
Beveling head
Support beams for rails
Water table

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