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2008 Amada Pulsar LC-2415A4 NT - Low Hours

This machine is no longer available, please contact us to find a similar machine.


1.1 Motion Package

Travel Method:
X axis for work piece movement
Y axis for cutting head movement

Control Method:
X, Y & Z simultaneous 3 axis control and B axis

Drive Motors:
FANUC AC Servo (X, Y, Z, and B)

Maximum Sheet Size:
61.0" (Y) x 198.0"(X) with one repositioning cycle
Maximum Axis Travel:
61.0" (Y) x 100.0" (X) x 11.8" (Z) x 0.78" (B)
Maximum Cutting Speed:
787 IPM
Maximum Table Speed:
3,149 IPM per axis (4,454 IPM 45 degree vector)
Maximum Speed Z-Axis:
2,362 IPM

Positioning Accuracy:
+/- 0.0004"/20"
+/- 0.0004"

Maximum Material Weight:728lbs.

Number of Clamps: 3
Work Chute:78" (Y) x 21" (X)

Assist Gas: Automatic 4 ports with NC pressure Control
Machine Size: 221.5" x 112.0" x 86.5"
Machine Weight: 17,000 lbs. including laser resonator
Electrical Requirements: 208 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz,

Laser Power: 4000 watts, comes with 150KVA 600-208

CNC Controller

Model: AMNC-F
Display: LCD Color Graphics Display

Control Function:
X, Y, Z-Axis Simultaneous and Focus Lens B-axis, and Laser Power control:
(CW, GatedPulse, Pierce Routines etc.)

Data Input Method:
Touch screen, Keyboard, Ethernet, Wireless, CD, USB, 3"Floppy disk

Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Minimum Travel Unit: 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)

Hard Drive: 10 GB
Operating Modes: Automatic and Manual

Display Modes:
Program Contents
Position Information
Program Check
Diameter Compensation
Assist Gas Status
Self Diagnostics Interlock Displays Cooling Water Status
GasPressure Status
Vacuum Status
Turbo Blower Malfunction
Shutter Status
Beam Power
Resonator Discharge
Cover Interlock

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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