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2012 Amada AE 2510 NT CNC Turret Punch - 22 Ton, Brush Table, 45 Station

This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Make: Amada 
Model: AE 2510 NT 
Year: 2012 


Tonnage: 22 Tons
Travel Range: 50" x 98.4" (without reposition)
Turret Stations: 45
Turret Rotation Speed: 30 RPM
Max Tool Size: 4.5
Auto Index Stations: 4
Auto Index Rotation Speed: 60 RPM
Press Drive System: Single Motor AC Servo Drive
Max. Stroke Length: 1.65"


(2) Amada Tooling Carts w/ tooling
All Wilson HPX inventoried and sorted tooling
(1) Amada Turret Punch Setup Cart

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