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2015 Miller PerformArc 250M Robotic Welding System - Excellent Condition

This machine is no longer available, please contact us to find a similar machine.

Dimensional Specifications:

Frame length
(Including table rotation) A 3023 mm (119")
Frame width B 1676 mm (90")
Frame height C 2286 mm (90")
Table load height (from floor) D 762 mm (30")
Table bolt pattern E M12 on 6x 6 @ 18
from table centerline
Cell width including doors F 1708 mm (67")
Maximum fixture/part height
(above platen) G 1016 mm (40")
Table index method H Manual Activation
Table rotation diameter J 1524 mm (60")

Standard Specifications:

Fully Integrated Miller Welding Automation Total Solution Includes:
6 kg arc welding robot
64-bit controller with TFT color display teaching pendant utilizing
Windows¨ CE
Auto-Continuum Advanced MIG Welding System
Auto-Continnum wire drive motor assembly
Tregaskiss Air-cooled welding torch
Miller designed and manufactured total productivity system
System features include:
Integrated operator interface (E-Stop, Auto, Servo On,
Mode Select, Table Load/Unload, Start, Collision Detect, Auto Backup)
(2) Full open, hinged doors for easy access
TCP pointer and resident TCP check program
Tip change monitor and maintenance program for easy torch upkeep
Arc start retry, arc overlapping, flying arc start, password protection

Standard Equipment:

Robot TM1100
Robot reach 1163 mm (46)
Arc welder Continuum 350A
Payload (per side) 113 kg (250 lb)
Input voltage (standard) 460 VAC
Number of phases 3
Amperage draw 30 A

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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