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6' x 12' Retro Systems Super Hornet SH72-EBSD CNC Plasma, 2006 - Hypertherm, HPR260

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Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
Retro Systems
Super Hornet SH72-EBSD
Hypertherm HPR260Automatic Gas ConsoleAutomatic Process Control with MicroEdge CNC on-screen
Material type, thickness, and amperage sets plasma parameters
High Definition Cutting @ 30 to 260 Amps
Marking at 18 Amps
Production capacity @ 1-1/4"
Maximum Pierce capacity @ 1-1/4"
Maximum Edge start capacity @ 2-1/2"
Cut speeds (mild steel):
1/4" @ 260A @ 240IPM
1/2" @ 260A @ 145IPM
3/4" @ 260A @ 90IPM
1" @ 260A @ 65IPM
1-14" @ 260A @ 45IPM

Equipped With:
Hypertherm HPR 260 Auto Process plasma system
Hypertherm SENSOR PC Controlled "Z" axis plasma torch height control
Applied Robotics collision sensor
Motorized oxy-fuel lifter
Victor MT310 machine torch
Hi/Low Preheat gas manifold
Water table drawings
MTC ProNest precision plasma process nesting software
Included hood, extra bits, and spare torch head

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