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8' x 20' Cutting Systems Raptor CNC Plasma, 2018- Hypertherm HPR400XD, Downdraft Table


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
Cutting Systems Inc
-8' Effective Cutting Width
-Cross Travel System guided by Dual Linear Ways & Bearings
-Precision Rack & amp; Pinion with Dual Side Drives
-Heavy Duty Master Carriage with Programmable Auto Lubrication
-Individual High Quality Igus Power Track for maximum cable protection
-Equipped with (4) CSI Advanced Rail Cleaning Systems

-28' Floor Mounted Rail System with a Safety Parking Zone
-Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Bridge design
-Hardened Tongue & Groove Tee Rail
-Adjustable Leveling Pads and Hardware for a 20' Effective Cutting Length
-Dual Side Drive Precision Rack & Pinion
-End of rail Limit Switches and Hard Stops for ensured safety
-Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Rails in standard 16' Sections
-High Quality Igus Power Track for all Supply Hoses & Cables

Hypertherm Automation's New EDGE Connect CNC Controller:
-19" projected capacitive Color Touch Screen
-Ether Cat Communications & Built-In Wireless Connectivity
-Patented CutPro® Wizard & 50 Standard Shapes Library
-2 USB ports (front and rear) & Installed factory or custom cut charts
-On-screen Software Operator’s Console
-Directly import DXF, DWG and CNC simple shapes
-Nesting at the CNC and True Hole results produced from shape library
-Low power, fan-less quad core processor PC requires no active cooling
-Integrated communications with plasma and torch height control systems
-EDGE Connect runs on the Windows® 10 Enterprise operating system

-Bosch Indra Drive Intelligent Drive System:
-Ether Cat Connectivity Interface for lightning fast communications
-10,800 watt Programmable Drives (3,600 watts per axis)
-Absolute Encoders which negate homing issues with power loss
-Low Backlash Planetary 30:1 Alpha Gearboxes
-Digital Inputs / Outputs & Integrated Brake Resistor
-Operation Panel with Programming Module Function
-Shielding on all Interconnecting cables
-Heavy Duty Industrial Enclosure for the harshest environments
-240 Volts (3) Phase Power required at 30 amps
-Speeds up to 1000 ipm

-Networking Kit for Part Loading, Remote Help & Diagnostics: (free for the life of the machine)
-Enables Immediate Downloads from your office desktop PC
-Enables "remote diagnostics" by CSI via your internet connection

-Hypertherm HPR 400XD "True Hole"Mechanized Plasma System:
-400 amp HyDefinition Plasma Cutting System
-“Power Pierce Shield Technology” with a Water Cooled Shield
-Pierce Mild Steel up to 2" AND Edge Start up to 3.2”
-Dross-Free cutting from gauge up to 1.5" at 100% Duty Cycle
-Improved marking capabilities with an Argon gas process
-Marks and Cuts with the same consumables
-Quick-Disconnect Torch Head for reduced set-up time
-Configured with an Automatic Gas Console

-Hypertherm Sensor Automatic Plasma Torch Height Control:
-Heavy Duty Motorized Slide with 9.4" of stroke
-Initial Height Sensing (IHS), for accurate and repeatable Initial Pierce Height Settings
-Fastest "Cut to Cut" Cycle Times ever offered with “Rapid Part Technology”
-Ohmic Contact or Stall Force senses torch contact with the plate for IHS
-Manual Up / Down Switch on Lifter
-Laser Pointer built into lifter for easy plate alignment
-Magnetic Plasma Collision Sensor, torch will "Breakaway" during torch collision

-CSI Downdraft Table with an 8’ X 20’ Effective Cutting Area

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