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Cincinnati Machines 220-8XG Centerless Grinder, 2008 - Barely Used


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Machine Type:
Grinders - CNC
(Inches Manual and CNC):

Grind Capacity Dia. (standard Workrest): .04 - 2
Grind Capacity Dia. (special Workrest): 2 - 4
Grind Wheel Size: 20x8x12
Grind Wheel Speed: 1070 Rpm
Grind Wheel Truing Inc/graduation: 0.0005
Grind Wheel Truing Inc/revolution: 0.0625
Regulating Wheel Size: 12x8x5
Regulating Wheel Speeds (10 Steps): 15-300 Rpm
Reg Wheel Truing Inc/graduation: 0.0005
Reg Wheel Truing Inc/revolution: 0.05
Upper Slide Inc/graduation: .002
Upper Slide Inc/revolution: .2
Slide Swivel Angle: +/-5º
Slide Incline Angle: +5º – -3º
Lower Slide Inc/graduation: 0.002
Lower Slide Inc/revolution: 0.25
Lower Slide Fi Ne Inc/graduation: 0.000050
Lower Slide Fi Ne Inc/revolution: 0.00625
Grinding Wheel Drive Motor: 20 Hp
Shipping Weight: 7260 Lbs
Net Weight: 6600 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 89 X 82 X 74
Floor Space Requirements: 78 X 71

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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