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Citizen A20VIIPL Lathe, 2014 - Bar Feeder, Dust Collector

This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.

Machine Type: Swiss Lathe - CNC
Make: Citizen
Model: A20VIIPL
Year: 2014


Maximum Machining Diameter: 0.787"
Maximum Machining Length: 7.874"
Maximum Drilling Diameter for Main Spindle: 0.393"
Maximum Tapping Diameter for Main Spindle (tap,die): M8
Main Spindle Speed: 8,000 rpm
Maximum Drilling Diameter for Rotary Tool: 0.275"
Maximum Tapping Diameter for Rotary Tool: M6
Spindle Speed of Gang Rotary Tool Max: 6,000 rpm (rating: 4,500 rpm)
Maximum Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle: 0.787"
Maximum Workpiece Length for Front Side Ejection: 3.9"
Maximum Drilling Diameter in Back Machining Process: 0.314"
Maximum Tapping Diameter in Back Machining Process: M6
Back Spindle Speed: 8,000 rpm
Number of Tools to be Mounted: 21


C-320 Bar Feeder
Dust Collector
11KVA Transformer

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