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Di-Acro #4 Bender - 64 Dies, Stamp, & Ratchet Included, 19"Table Top

Machine Type:
Tube Bender - Fab
Radius Capacity 12"
Height of STD. Forming Nose 1 1/2"
Built-up Nose Available 4"
Center Pin Hole-Diameter 1"
Operating Leverage 40"
Weight-Net 250 Lbs.

Material Capacities:
Round Mild Steel Bar 1"
Square Mild Steel Bar 3/4"
Steel Tubing-16 Gauge 1 1/4"
Standard Iron Pipe 1" I.D.
Flat Steel Bar (bent flat) 3/8"x 4"
Flat Steel Bar (edgewise) 1/4"x 1"
Angle 3/16"x 1"x 1"
Channel 3/16"x 1/2"x 1"

Equipped With:
64 Dies included 1/8"-1/2"
Ratchet included
Stamp included
19" Table Top

Di-Acro Manual Benders are ruggedly-built, versatile machines for bending wire, solid stock, tubing, flat stock, etc. Accurately forming and duplicating simple, compound, and reverse bends is easy with a Di-Acro Bender. The operator is also able to quickly change over tooling from one bending operation to another. A special feature of the Model 4 Bender is a ratchet drive mechanism which can be engaged to increase forming power when working with heavy materials. The ratchet can also be disengaged to increase speed when working with lighter materials.

Shipping dimensions 48" x 40" on pallet

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