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HTC 150 Ton x 12ft Press Brake

This machine is no longer available, please contact us to find a similar machine.

Model Number: 150-G

Year: 1974


Tonnage: 150

Overall Bending Length: 144”

Distance Between Housings: 125”


Stroke (Adjustable): 5”

Throat: 5”

Open Height: 11.5”

Bed Width: 4”

Bed Height: 36.5”


Electric Motor: 20 hp

Voltage: 220/440 3 ph. 60


Rapid Approach Speed: .9 ips / 54 ipm

Press Speed: .5 ips / 30 ipm

Rapid Return Speed: 1.0 ips / 60 rpm


Length: 144”

Overall Height: 110”

Front to Back: 62”

Weight: 25,000 lbs.


Standard Features

Hydra-mechanical design

(hydraulic cylinder horizontal, mechanical linkage)

Flush floor mount

Standard die holder for single eve dies.

Sectionalized ram clamps

Tonnage control

Adjustable stroke via limit switch

Full capacity off-center loading

3-speed operation (quick approach, slow bend, quick return)

Portable foot control

No warranty


EPA requires shipped less Hydraulic Oil. Best to put in barrel.



Bend 10’ x 3/16” steel over 1-1/2” vee die to 80,000 psi tensile.

Bend 10’ x 1/4” steel over 2-1/2” vee die to 77,500 psi tensile.

Note: 2” vee recommended. Get 25% larger inside radius with 2-1/2” vee.

Bend 12’ x 10 gauge stainless steel over 1-1/8” vee die to 96,000 psi tensile.

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